Long-Term Vision/Medium-Term Business Plan

Notice Concerning Review of Medium -Term Business Plan

On March 27, 2023, we disclosed a review of the timeframes and targets for our long-term vision <TOLI VISION 2030> and medium-term business plan “SHINKA Plus ONE.”
Please refer to the following documents for details.

2023.3.27  Revision of the Period of Medium-Term Business Plan ”SHINKA Plus ONE”

TOLI Group’s Medium-Term Business Plan and Long-Term Vision for Fiscal 2030

Our Group has set forth its long-term vision <TOLI VISION 2030> as the ideal situation for fiscal 2030, and we are promoting the first phase, Medium-Term Business Plan SHINKA Plus ONE, to realize this vision.
We will aim to maximize the corporate value of the TOLI Group by working to increase its social value toward the realization of a sustainable society in addition to improving its economic value.

Glowth plan for archieving the long-term vision

Long-Term Vision

TOLI vision

To be a Company that Designs Lifestyle

The vision incorporates our desire to be a company that can create value essential to people's lives based on the Company's achievements in manufacturing developed over its 100-year history.
The TOLI Group will continue to pursue unlimited possibilities toward the future for the next 100 years.

Medium-Term Business Plan SHINKA Plus ONE


Amidst the spread of epidemics and the rise of geopolitical risks deepening the level of confusion about the future at the global level, we believe the business environment surrounding our Group will change at an accelerated pace, as new lifestyles take root, costs rise due to labor shortages, transformation continues to a digital society, and awareness of the SDGs increases.

We have reached a new stage, moving from the milestone of “100 years in business” to “the next 100 years.” We have set our next target as “110 years in business (fiscal 2030),” and are promoting Medium-Term Business Plan covering the four-year period starting from 2021 as Phase I toward that long-term vision.

achievement of long-term vision
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