The Strengths of the TOLI Group

Our Group’s strength is integrated service based on a century history. We have been accumulating “Trust and Technology”, implementing the plan, design, production, sales, logistic, installation, and follow-up as TOLI Group, matching various kinds of needs.

Value chain and core competencies that support value creation

Value chain and core competencies
  • Resin processing technology

    The core technology that supports the evolution of TOLI Group is resin processing technology (blending, molding, surface processing, equipment design, test evaluation). We refine our resin processing technology on a daily basis, which leads to the evolution of our core business, including high value-added products, environmentally-friendly products and unique recycling systems, and the expansion of our business field.

  • Product design ability 

    One of TOLI Group’s strengths is its product design ability, which combines design and development capabilities accumulated over a long history to create attractive and long-loved products. The product design capabilities of our in-house designers and research and development staff who are knowledgeable about materials create TOLI’s unique expressions and high value-added products.

  • The comprehensive strength of the TOLI Group

    Our group companies cover the entire value chain, from product development to manufacturing, inventory, sales, and after-sales service. We combine the technology and wisdom of each group company to increase our competitiveness and create new value.

  • Brand power

    One of the strengths of the TOLI Group is the brand power backed by the “TOLI quality” that we have accumulated since our foundation. “TOLI quality” has led to a high market share in vinyl flooring and carpet tiles.

  • Customer engagement

    Strong ties with customers are one of TOLI Group’s strengths. The high level of engagement we have built with our customers over many years of trust is the source of TOLI Group’s evolution.

  • Stable supply

    TOLI Group delivers safety and security to our customers through a wide range of suppliers, top-class production capacity in Japan for vinyl flooring and carpet tiles, and the ability to respond flexibly to customer needs.

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