About TOLI

In 1919, TOLI Corporation started its operation in Itami, Hyogo prefecture as the first linoleum manufacturer in Japan. By developing products such as vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets, and carpets, TOLI became recognized as a major floor covering company. Later on, TOLI also began to make curtains, wall coverings, and many other products, and became successful as a general manufacturer of interior goods. TOLI has its factories at its Itami Head Quarters and also in Atsugi, Shiga, and Toyama. In these 4 manufacturing plants, we make high quality products to attract and satisfy our customers.

We make every effort to be customer-oriented, striving to run our business by always keeping our customers' needs in mind in order to become an even more dependable and trustworthy company.

Even in this competitive business climate, we also aim to be a company that society can trust and expect a lot from, working under our slogan "everything is for the customer".